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Monday, November 22, 2010


Saturday I went to my cake shop to buy fondant, by the way I love this Cake Shop (Calico Cakes, Buena Park, CA), it has everything you would possibly need.  Side note: go by yourself when you have no distractions, it's small but will take you about an hour to check out all the neat stuff.

Later in the afternoon I got all my stuff out, my plan for the cheetah cake was to try to color the white fondant a creamy color, my first attempt, too yellow so I added brown, then it turned too brown so I added  orange... needless to say I ended up with a taracotta color fondant... WHAHHH, my cake shop was closed  and they are closed on Sundays, now and what was I to do.

I then took a trip to Michael's, they sell fondant by Wilton, which in my opinion is an OK product, it is a little hard and takes a long time to knead out but I would only recommend using it if you are going to be eating the cake the day of or after you decorate the cake, it hardens up really quick.  Then I noticed they had fondant by Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes so I though what the heck.  I purchased the biggest one they had since I had a Fall Cake to make in two days.  When I got home my Mom was there with a present....  SURPRISE..she and my sisters bought me a airbrush, it is totally cool and after playing around with it I thought I'll just use this on the cake. 

Sunday morning I got up to finish the cake, again got all my stuff out ready roll out the fondant, I opened the tub and it wasn't fondant I purchased....I bought buttercream...... UUUGGHHH..... I got back in my car to Michael's (again my cake shop was closed) and purchased the Duff Fondant.  It turned out to be a really nice product, a little softer to work with but all in all a nice product and it tasted good too.

As you can see on the pictures below the airbrush was a success, it helped me get the best color for the Cheetah print and now I can't wait to use it on my next venture.

The lesson learned, when in need of fondant readily available, Duff Goldman is the way to go. :)

Thanks Duff for making your product available to all the little people in the cake world!!!

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